As the desire to utilize solar energy grows, so does the need for a convenient, virtually unnoticeable enclosure to penetrate the roof deck. SolaDeck both houses and protects the solar PV wiring for a fast, easy, and safe photovoltaic wire installation.

Contractors can install solar panel wiring with consistency, time savings, and confidence every time. Unlike other solar array wiring enclosures, SolaDeck incorporates a unique flashing that is a seamless part of the enclosure and prevents incorrect penetrations in the roof system.

SolaDeck enclosure/combiners offer:

Flashed, seamless, weather-tight roof protection

Roof penetration standard in the roofing industry

Exceptional low profile design

Versatility to all PV systems

Consistency in every installation

A professional appearance to your PV installation

Models that are ETL listed and labeled to UL standards

Maximize your installation confidence by using SolaDeck.

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