RSTC Enterprises now offers PV wire enclosures used to quickly and easily install solar panel PV wiring. SolaDeck is an innovative flashed PV roof-mount combiner enclosure that routes solar panel array wiring through a weather-tight enclosure.
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Along with our UL 50 Type 3R Enclosures and UL 1741 Combiner/Enclosures, RSTC Enterprises offers all of the necessary hardware and accessories to complete the wiring installation of solar PV panels. View our entire line of PV roof-mount enclosure accessories.


SolaDeck Combiners and Enclosures are offered throughout the country by certified SolaDeck distributors and dealers. Learn how to become a SolaDeck dealer or find a distributor in your area. View SolaDeck distributors.

UL Listing Reports

All SolaDeck flashed PV roof-mount combiners and enclosures are third party tested and listed to UL50 Type 3R or UL1741, guaranteeing quality and reliability. Read the UL Listing Reports for SolaDeck PV enclosures.


SolaDeck has quickly become a necessity in the residential solar energy marketplace. Keep up-to-date on SolaDeck news, read about new flashed PV roof-mount enclosure products, and learn about SolaDeck and RSTC Enterprises events. View RSTC and SolaDeck News.

Why Use SolaDeck?

SolaDeck enclosures, combiners, and accessories are the first of their kind to offer a fast, easy, and safe way to route solar and PV panel array wiring into a roof-mounted system. With their low profile, simple step by step installation process, and sharp appearance, SolaDeck is the perfect solution for all your solar panel needs. Learn all the reasons to use our flashed PV roof-mount combiners and enclosures.

Media & Resources

For information on how to install and use SolaDeck flashed PV roof-mount combiner/enclosures and accessories, turn to the Media & Resources page. Read installation instruction manuals, view information diagrams, and learn how SolaDeck enclosures and combiners work with our SolaDeck accessories.
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About RSTC Enterprises

RSTC Enterprises was established in 2003 with its first line of products designed to prevent roof damage when installing TV satellite dishes. Our new line of products brings innovative design and solutions for installing energy efficient solar and PV panels on residential and commercial buildings. Learn more about RSTC Enterprises and SolaDeck.


Have questions about our flashed PV roof-mount combiner/enclosures or accessories? Have all of your SolaDeck questions answered on our FAQs page. Read FAQs about SolaDeck and solar energy.

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