Can I use a Type 3R rated SolaDeck enclosure to combine
PV strings?
The Type 3R SolaDeck enclosure is not listed or labeled to meet the standard for combining PV strings. There
are SolaDeck models that are rated, listed, and labeled to the UL1741 standard for combining.

How is a SolaDeck Type 3R enclosure typically used?
The Type 3R rated SolaDeck models are listed for outdoor use and typically are being used for simple pass through of the wire or a junction box for transition of wire.

What is best way to transition the PV wire with a SolaDeck?
Wire nuts can be used but rail mounted terminal blocks are rapidly becoming the method of choice. Terminal blocks are
non-fused connection devices that provide a visibly clean installation for easy labeling. We offer varying models of terminal blocks to work in conjunction with your SolaDeck model.

What SolaDeck models are used for combining?
Two models are rated, listed, and available for combining PV strings. They are the 0783-41 and 0786-41 SolaDeck models. To learn more about the differences and functions of all our SolaDeck models, view all of our SolaDeck products.

Does the installation of a SolaDeck require any special tools?
Over and above the tools listed in the installation manual, a knock out tool is essential to make the holes for either strain fittings or conduit entry above the roof deck. Every SolaDeck model has preconfigured dimple locations used for centering these entry holes.

How many pairs of conductors can be installed in a SolaDeck? The number of conductors that can be installed in a SolaDeck is limited only by the conduit and fittings used to enter the enclosure above the roof deck. At this time six pair (twelve conductors) is the maximum. Modifications are in process to increase the number of conductors.

Can I use breakers in the current SolaDeck models? Our current SolaDeck models can't accommodate breakers simply because the breakers are too tall for the enclosures. RSTC is working to design new models that will address the use of breakers for both AC and DC current.

Are there any SolaDeck models available for high salt coastal markets?
Upon request, we offer a special architectural coating. This specialized coating is designed for the coastal markets and carries a 4000 hr salt spray. Please call for a quote for this coating.

Is there a SolaDeck model for deep tile roof systems? Currently RSTC does not offer a SolaDeck model for deep tile roof systems. We have a system under development which should be available by the second quarter of 2010.

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