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New Jersey Housing Authority
Re-roof project included using a Commdeck for each tenant, to safely remount existing dishes, and plan for new dish installation in the future.

While nothing is more important than the integrity of a roof, nothing is more frustrating than using lag bolts to penetrate through a new roof in order to remount a customers dish or antenna. The Commdeck product line is the solution for dish and antenna installations on new roof systems, whether your next roofing job is asphalt or tile.

For new home construction the Commdeck is flashed into the roof material just like a roof vent, and does not penetrate the roofing materials. The cables remain coiled inside the base unit until needed.

When re-roofing existing homes, where exterior wire is already present, our Retrodeck provides a superior mounting surface that secures under shingles, eliminating roof damage caused by standard installation methods.

Either product will offer your business an exceptional upsell opportunity and a great solution for your customer, without voiding your roof warranty.

Testimonial - Sela New Construction, Scott Oaks

Thanks to Commdeck, satellite installations can achieve a clean look while eliminating external wiring and the possibility of water intrusion.

Scott Oaks
Sela New Construction