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How do I order?

You can order by going to our Find a Distributor page and finding a distributor in your area. If you are unable to find a local distributor, you may call us directly at 1-866-367-7782 and we will be glad to assist you.

Can I install the CommDeck satellite dish mounting system?

Yes, with the proper tools and equipment, the CommDeck can be easily installed by the DIY. However, if you are uncomfortable working on the roof, your DIY energy may be better devoted to a ground level project.

What is structured wiring?

Structured wiring systems have become increasingly popular with homebuyers along with the expansion of the Internet and home computing applications. Structured wiring systems are typically based on Category-5 or better wiring for voice and data transfer and RG-6 cabling for video signals. Structured systems are based on star topology design, which means each wall outlet has a home-run connection to a central hub. This allows flexability for the configuration of voice, data, and video distribution.

What does it mean to homerun wire?

Homerun, means a direct line from the distribution point to each outlet or from the the dish or antenna to the distribution point. There shouldn't be any splices or chaining between the two points.

What does line of sight mean?

Line of sight refers to the unobstructed view from the satellite dish to the satellite orbiting over the equator. This view needs to remain free from obstruction so your dish can receive a strong signal from the satellite.

Can I mount the CommDeck anywhere on the roof?

Yes, as long as you have a clear line of sight you can install the dish anywhere on your roof.

Can I use RG-59 wire instead of RG-6 wire?

No, RG-6 video cable is for digital video transmissions (required for satellite systems ) and should be used instead of RG-59 (prior standard) which is not able to transmit digital video signals.

How many RG-6 cables should I run from the CommDeck into the house?

The use of four RG-6 cables with one Ground wire are needed to wire your CommDeck. Today, five and even six lines are recommended to provide for future devices.

If I mount an antenna to the CommDeck is there any limitations on size?

Yes, we recommend the antenna not be taller than 5 feet.

Is the hole pattern universal to all small dishes?

Yes, the CommDeck is universal to DirecTV and Dish Network satellite dishes.

Can the CommDeck dish mounting system be used
on existing homes?

Yes, the CommDeck can be installed on all existing homes. In fact, other similar roof vents and roof products are installed after the roof has been completely shingled.

If I already have a satellite dish mounted can I still
use the CommDeck dish mounting system?

Yes, the best was is to remove the existing satellite dish and place the CommDeck over existing mounting holes to eliminate chance of water damage.