CommDeck Dish Mounting Systems SolaDeck Flashed PV Roof-Mount Combiner/Enclosures


Protect your property with CommDeck products. Install your satellite dish or antenna using our mounting systems. CommDeck's dish mounting systems set the new professional standard by elimating the use of lag bolts that can lead to water leaks and roof damage. Install satellite dishes faster and easier with CommDeck's simple design and clear instructions.

CommDeck dish mounting systems:

Install quickly with simple do-it-yourself instructions

Make it easy to upgrade your dish or satellite

Prevent roof damage with non-invasive installation

CommDeck Dish Mounting Systems


Prevent damage to your roof and solar panels. Route the wiring for the solar panels through one of our weather tight enclosures. SolaDeck's state-of-the-art wiring enclosure system is revolutionizing the roof-mounted photovoltaic industry. Install PV solar panels faster and easier with SolaDeck's simple design and clear 12 step instruction process.

SolaDeck flashed photovoltaic roof-mount system:

Install quickly, easily, and consistently every time

Protect solar panel wiring with a weather-proof flashed seal

Prevent roof damage with non-invasive installation

SolaDeck Flashed PV Roof-Mount Combiner/Enclosures

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